Paul is an NRA Refuse to be a Victim Regional Counselor, he organizes and runs RTBAV seminars. These seminars are designed to teach situational awareness, personal protection fundamentals, and how to harden oneself against potential criminal acts. These are non-shooting seminars and topics covered include:
  • How to develop a Personal Protection Plan
  • Identifying and avoiding dangerous situations in public venues (such as parking garages)
  • Situational awareness techniques, including use of the "color code"
  • Confrontation avoidance techniques (road-rage, parking space jockeys)
  • Disengagement protocols
  • Social Media vulnerabilities
  • Cyber awareness
  • Out-of-town exposure
  • Effective everyday items for personal protection (keys, aerosols)
  • Crisis management


Women represent a large portion of our customer base, and our experience in training women is extensive. Men and women often have different reasons for obtaining training, and a gender-specific approach is often times beneficial. To address this PBR Firearms Training offers women's only classes. We find that for many, this women's only environment is more conducive to the learning experience.
    Juana 'sights-down' Pauls AR-15


Paul was Lead Pistol Instructor at the Women's Wilderness Escape in 2011. Here are some photos from that event.

An article authored by Paul can be found here

Paul with two clients after a range

successful range session.

  Paul enjoys a light moment at WWE 2011

 Useful websites for women:

Paul and fellow instructor Jessica

Curtis working the Tactical Line

at WWE 2011