Women and men are different and they often approach firearms ownership differently as well. Since women, of all ages, form a large constituency of PBRs customers, we have cultivated an approach that suits their needs and learning style. Specifically, we work with our extremely talented female instructors to assure that our female students are comfortable and appropriately challenged during the educational process.

We discovered a long time ago that female students very often have a higher aptitude for firearms instruction then their male counterparts; consequently, we are able develop their skills quickly and efficiently.

Two of our instructors, Jessica and Paul, served at the NRAs premier Womens Wilderness Escape for several years, which provided us with a wealth of experience and knowledge that we bring to bear with our female students.


Juana 'sights-down' Paul's AR-15



Paul was Lead Pistol Instructor at the Women's Wilderness Escape. Here are some photos from that event.

An article authored by Paul can be found here

Paul with two clients after a

successful range session.

  Paul enjoys a light moment at WWE


Paul and fellow instructor Jessica

Curtis working the Tactical Line

at WWE