PBR Firearms Training Testimonials

"During the nine-day NRA Women's Wilderness Escape at the Whittington Center in Raton, NM, I found Paul to be a consummate professional in all matters of instruction and character. In the classroom he was thorough, safe, and accurate, and added a charming sense of humor that relaxed even the most nervous of students. On the range, Paul demonstrated his knowledge of firearms and instruction as he worked with students, taking them from their first shot to firing on multiple steel targets and shooting on the move. All at times, Paul handled firearms in a safe manner, and taught his students to do the same. His students learned, were challenged at an appropriate level, and had fun! I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor, whether you have the opportunity to take a class from him, or teach with him."

Heide  - NRA Womens Leadership Forum and Chief Pistol Instructor at the Womens Widerness Escape


"My Dad and I began shooting about eight months ago. It was something he and I could do together. We both became certified in Rifle with Paul. Soon after that my Dad and I began the Winchester Program in Pistol. In a few short months he guided me all the way through to Distinguished Expert. We had a great time! Paul is a wonderful, easy-going, yet very safety conscious instructor. I can't wait to do my Distinguished Expert in Rifle with him!"




"I was completely new to hand guns, never held one, didn't grow up with them, didn't know anyone who did. There is a certain level of anxiety learning any new skill, however, one false move learning hand gun skills can lead to very dire consequences indeed! 
However, Paul's training removed the anxiety and replaced it with solid information, knowledge prioritized in a way that you're in-grained in hand gun safety before proceeding to the range. He's a very attentive instructor, catching any careless lapses and reinforcing the correct methods on the spot. He also is very attentive to reinforce good habits and pointing out your strengths.  So you never feel too lame for too long!

I took the Basic Hand Gun Skills class and the Personal Protection in the Home class. Both classes, Paul led with same professionalism as outlined above. Paul is also very generous with his time outside of classroom participation. I can ask him any question and can depend on a timely and well thought out answer.  When I was choosing a hand gun for personal use, he took me to the range to try out several possible guns. He helped me figure which ones were suitable and why, and which ones were not.  I feel very fortunate to have had him as my instructor.  He is now my "go to gun guy" for everything gun related. (Poor Paul!)."



"Paul was awesome :) I needed some "special" kind of help with the semi-automatic pistol and he worked with me until I got it, and was very patient with me. It was the only firearm that I had trouble with and was really messing with my confidence. I started out hardly being able to get the bullet to hit the target at all and ended up hitting all of the silhouettes and the three "bad guys" without hitting the "hostage". I'm so grateful for such a great instructor. He knows his stuff :)"

Christina - WWE Participant


 "We have taken two full-day classes with Paul Raynolds and can attest to his professionalism and discipline in firearms handling and training. Paul is a thoughtful instructor with a passion for the topic, as well as a frequent contributor to the national dialogue on the 2nd Amendment. Paul is well versed in gun laws, safety, use, and equally as important, the fun of ownership and shooting that crosses generations. Paul’s selective use of “Outstanding!” in student exchanges is a real confidence builder! He is dedicated to making safe gun users of the citizenry and thoughtful advocates for the public policy arena. His discussion groups are lively and his patience and volunteerism on behalf of the NRA immeasurable. We wholeheartedly support his mission for safe gun use and enjoyment and endorse his classes, skill sets, utmost professionalism and teaching competency. Don't miss any opportunity to take a class with Paul; it is time and money well spent."

Best regards, Bill & Marcia, Chester, NJ


"Juana and I wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for yesterday. You are an excellent teacher and your professionalism and hospitality provided us with an experience that far exceeded our expectations. Juana especially found the small, intimate classroom setting beneficial. Before our lessons with you we were both nervous at the idea of handling a firearm, but with your instruction yesterday that idea is no longer an intimidating one. Juana and I look forward to continuing our education and training with firearms and we have you to thank for that. Thank you again for everything!"

Students; Juan Carlos and Juana


"Thanks for a great day, both in the classroom and on the range. The small class size, excellent curriculum and your years of experience significantly contributed to the learning environment. I've already recommended to friends and family who've shown interest in learning the fundamentals of safe pistol ownership and operation.

I strongly believe the knowledge, skills and attitude I honed as a student in your expertly conducted NRA Basic Pistol Course has built a strong foundation for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable firearms ownership. Thank you!"

Student; Stephen



"Paul; My wife and I would just like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks for a GREAT training session yesterday. Your casual approach and "home-style" hospitality made us feel totally at ease, consequently making the learning experience less intimidating. We are currently planning our next course (with you)."

Thanks Again, Walter & Dianne



"I recently purchased a pistol and needed to be certain that my wife and three daughters, none of whom had ever fired a gun, were properly trained in its use as well as basic firearms safety.  I could have not been more pleased with the instruction from PBR firearms training.  The instructor was very professional and thorough and made the experience not only informative, but enjoyable.  Pistol use was presented in a very logical and coherent manner and I believe that my daughters can now enjoy target shooting safely, and that they have an appreciation for what a gun can do if not properly handled.  I would highly recommend PBR Firearms Training to anyone." 

Student; Kevin



"A great learning experience taught by patient well-informed instructors who are obviously experts in their field! One would be hard pressed to find a better organization to either get started in the field or to brush up on long neglected skills. Children as well as adults feel right at home with PBR! Highly recommended!"

Student; Ernie