Mr. Raynolds is one of the first Training Counselors

 in the country to be certified for

 NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Training.


PBR Firearms Training is run by Paul B. Raynolds and is based in Summit, NJ. We focus on providing high-quality, personalized firearms education and training to individuals, families and small groups. Personal safety consulting is also available. Learning situational awareness, and how to detect potentially precarious situations is often the first step in avoiding danger.

Everyone has their own reason for seeking firearms training and this reflected in the demographics of our clientele. While the majority of PBR’s customers are families, couples, and women, we are also called upon by “professionals” such as current law enforcement officers, military personnel, court officers, and Justice Department agents.

Parents seek us out to educate their family members because they are introducing a firearm into the house, often for the first time. They also rest easier knowing that their children will react safely if a gun is introduced away from the home.

Safety is our greatest concern. If you own a gun, or are thinking of buying one, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to operate and store it safely and effectively.

Working with small groups allows PBR Training to customize the training experience to address specific needs with knowledgeable, friendly, professional and personalized service.

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Paul Raynolds getting ready to

lead a class