One Stop Shopping

The Pursuit of the 'Right' First gun

PBR Firearms Training has applied for their FFL (Federal Firearms License). This will allow us to sell firearms in the state of New Jersey. Our goal is not to become a major retailer, but to assist our students in acquiring the proper first gun. Often times, when I ask someone what was the very first gun they purchased they reply "I bought an XYZ when I got started - but I don't have it anymore, it was the wrong gun for me!" I hear this time and time again.

We want to do our best to ensure that our students don't have the same experience.

The 'right' first gun for one person, is almost guaranteed to not be the proper first gun for someone else. Many variables come into play, from body type of the shooter, to the size of the shooter's hands, and length of their fingers. Other options to consider are how much recoil the shooter can handle, what types of sights work for them, what types of controls are they comfortable with, and ultimately how comfortable is that specific gun for the shooter?

The answers to these questions are not going to be determined in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. They require working closely with the purchaser on the range, analyzing their particular style and capabilities or challenges. We will work one-on-one with you, at great lengths to determine what type, size and configuration works best for you. Then, we will order the 'right' first gun for you, providing you with competitive pricing, and the peace of mind in knowing that you are comfortable with your purchase.

While you may find a marginally lower price somewhere else, you will not find our level of personalized service, anywhere!


Paperwork, who likes paperwork? Firearms permits, handgun permits, concealed carry permits, all evoke some degree of anxiety among applicants. These documents are of significant consequence, and failure to complete and process them properly can have a direct, adverse, potentially permanet impact on your future rights with respect to firearms possession and purchasing. While we are not lawyers, we have an abundance of experience in the proper completion of these forms and we are here to help you.

Part of the services we provide includes an introduction to the permit application process. We will show you what to expect, and how to complete these papers. In some  jurisdictions we can even walk you through the application process (if your jurisdiction provides online application procedures).

Do you wish to pursue CCW (Concealed Carry) permits from another state?. These NON-RESIDENT permits are available from many states and can provide the ability to concealed carry in states other than that for which it was issued. For example, an AZ NON-RESIDENT CCW Permit is honored in many states besides AZ.

The application process can be daunting! Fingerprints, photographs, and complicated paperwork often discourage individuals from obtaining out-of-state NON-RESIDENT CCW Permits. We are in the process of becoming certified to process these applications, and while we can never guarantee the issuance of such permits, we can ensure that the process will be done properly the first time! We anticipate being able to facilitate the application for NON-RESIDENT CCW permits from the following states: FLA, UT, VA, NH, AZ, VA in the near future. These states provide reciprocity for most other states. In fact with just one or two of the states listed, you can legally carry in over 30 states!

Is there another state for which you would like assistance in obtaining a CCW from? Just let us know. We will research that state's requirements for NON-RESIDENTS and do our best to make it happen!

PBR Training is striving to be your one-stop provider for getting started with safe, competent firearms usage. Once you have made the decision to add a gun to your home, we can walk you through the entire process: paperwork, education, and proper gun selection and acquisition.

With PBR Firearms Training you can count on getting one answer, the 'right' one, from a partner you can trust!

Tell us what your goals are, and we will custom tailor a package for you. From a First Steps course to become familiar with basic firearms usage, to one-on-one hourly time with one of our coaches to remedy a specific problem you are experiencing, we have something to offer everyone from novice to expert. We have worked with all sorts of candidates, from stay-at-home moms who want added security to SWAT team members trying to refine their accuracy and correct their style.

Come back to this page often to stay up-to-date with the services being offered...