We can guide you through the tangled maze that NJ gun owners must navigate in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment Right to Keep And Bear Arms. We are committed to safety and personally interviewing each prospective customer to evaluate and understand their individual training needs.

NRA Classes Offered:

Instructor Training
Home Firearm Safety
Basic Pistol
1st Steps Pistol
Basic Rifle
1st Steps Rifle
Basic Shotgun
1st Steps Shotgun
Personal Protection In the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home

Advanced Defensive Pistol
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminars


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Note: Class prices include everything you will need for your range session, including .22

ammunition and firearms. Students can experience hi-power (9mm) as well. Students

can bring their own firearms and ammunition for hi-power, or we can provide it at

additional cost.

Do you want to have some training but you aren’t really sure what you are looking for? We can personalize your class to achieve a specific goal such as refreshing marksmanship skills, introduction to competition or deciding which gun is right for you. Alternatively, we'll design a "Skill Builder" course designed to take you to the next level. Paul Raynolds specializes in teaching or refreshing the fundamentals of pistol shooting to eliminate any bad habits such as "anticipating the shot" or "dipping the muzzle". Other common errors include "riding the recoil", and "over gripping" the gun.



Our one-on-one training offerings are just that, one instructor for one student. They are different from NRA class offerings in that these

classes are designed to sharpen the fundamentals and address the needs of the student, as opposed to following a specific NRA course

of study. One-on-one time for groups of students, families, etc. is available. Pricing is based upon time and number of instructors provided.


Contact us so we can design a specific program to meet your particular needs.

We are committed to safety and personally interview each prospective customer to evaluate and understand their individual training needs.

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