Paul B. Raynolds

Paul B. Raynolds is one of the most qualified firearms trainers in the country
and is lifelong student of firearms training, looking to up his game at every
Paul B. Raynolds Certifications Include:

  • As an NRA Appointed Training Counselor he is qualified to train and certify
    NRA Firearms Instructors

  • NRA REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM Regional Counselor

  • Certified Firearms Instructor for Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Personal Protection.

  • Certified for NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Training

  • Chief Range Safety Officer.

  • Lead Pistol Instructor at the NRA Women's Wilderness Escape

  • ANJRPC (Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs) - Regional Vice President

  • Graduate of SIGARMS Academy in Epping, NH

    • Basics of Pistol Shooting

    • Conceal and Carry Personal Protection Sidearm I and II

    • Tactical Pistol and Low Light Tactical Applications

    • Force on Force simunitions training

    • Tactical Rifle and Long Range Scoped Rifle Operator

  • Graduate of Front Sight Training Academy

    • Four-day advanced pistol

    • Long range tactical rifle – 1,000 yard engagements

  • Graduate of Massad Ayoob Group

    • MAG 40 (high student and recipient of MAG autographed $1.00 bill)

    • MAG 80


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Venture Crew 77 of Madison, NJ after completing

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Firearms training works to reduce accidents!


Jessica Curtis

When it comes to guns, there’s not one that Jessica doesn’t love. If it goes ‘boom’ she’ll shoot it. Her love of firearms began at an early age. Coming from a Law Enforcement family (with an Uncle a retired Staff Inspector with the NY State Police, another Uncle a former Detective with the NY State Police, and a third uncle serving as a patrolman for her home town police department) the focus has always been on safety first. In 2010, Jessica was honored to receive her certification as an NRA Instructor. Jessica was chosen to represent NRA Instructors at the prestigious Women's Wilderness Escape twice as a Pistol Instructor that is held annually at the NRA’s Whittington Center in NM.


Jessica teaches basic student level courses in:

  • Basic Pistol

  • Basic Personal Protection Inside of the Home

  • Basic Personal Protection Outside of the Home

Teaching people of all ages and experience levels is something that Jessica enjoys, and particularly she loves to share with others, her love and knowledge of firearms, and firearm safety. You'll hear her constantly repeating her self from her bay saying 'finger off trigger, finger off trigger' to whomever she is instructing. A firm, yet fun instructor, she likes to have her students leave the range with her '4-E experience' -- energy, empowerment, encouragement, and excitement!


Jessica is an Executive, working for a political organization in our nation’s Capital. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies (Broadcasting) from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, and a minor in Political Science. She is currently working towards her Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Harvard University.